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Jungle, Rurrenabaque – Amazon Round 2!

Returned from the pampas as new wo/men who conquered the river, we get one night of rest in town to prepare for the march into the Amazon jungle the next day. We came across a hole in the wall restaurant and got ourselves more than...


Pampas, Rurrenabaque – Amazon Round 2!

Why the Amazon again, after all the mosquitoes, sweat and tears from the last trip to the Amazon, one might ask? There’s only one answer to that. Because I had some of the the best and worst times throughout this trip in the Amazon. Plus...


Border Crossing – Peru to Bolivia

To cut to the chase, here’s what one needs to do to get pass that line between Peru and Bolivia: Step 1: If you hold a US passport, be sure to have pristine US dollars of $135 or more (in case they reject any). Between...