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Travel Ninja Pockets

Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group, in the city or countryside, at a restaurant or museum, you are not immune to the inevitable encounter with pick-pocket or petty theft. What’s ironic to me is the lack of awareness when one is distracted by...


Convertible pants

A MUST MUST MUST have for world travelers. Ever tried to pack for two completely different weather on the same trip? It is the most difficult thing to do while traveling, in my opinion. Though even if you’re not going to places with opposite weather...

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STEAL these Awesome Gear Deals!

1. Sign up for their newsletter and each day you will receive an update on their new inventories. Great place to find brand and activity specific items such as wetsuits, sports equipments, biking shoes, camping gears, camera bags, etc. I also love their clearance sales,...

kuhl Vega Reversible

Kuhl Vega Reversible Long Sleeve Dress

I ordered one for my upcoming trip ($35 from Reversible clothes save space plus tops that are 2 layers thick appears more streamlined. The material was also key, this dress is made of 60% Modal, 40% Organic Cotton, which means it will dry quickly and retains some breathability...


JAKPAK: Jacket, bag, tent in one

It’s a waterproof jacket, sleeping bag, and tent all in one. It looks rather fitting on men but might be bulky on women. Anyone got their hands on one of these? Site: Price: $199 This is a discovery not a review.


Xip3: Jacket, backpack, pillow in one

When I came upon the Xip3, I was ubber excited. The combinations are all things I will use. unfortunately they’re all sold out when I checked. Site: Price: $75-$95 Product description: Water repellent, fast drying shell made with Schoeller’s 3XDRY® repels moisture and is highly...