A travel journal and blog, I hope my documentations and photos will encourage or help others when they are on their journey to explore the world. This blog is also how I will retrace my footprints when I’m too old to move a muscle!

What’s “bubblswap”?

Born in Taiwan, our family moved to the US when I was 10, and we’ve been in the DC metropolitan area since. All things considered, it’s a superb and comfortable area to be in. Like any metropolitan cities, there’s a distinct way of life and set expectations (check out “You know you’re from DC when“…and “Sh*t people in DC says” for references). For better or worse these are the things that make DC unique, and I do love them! At the same time, I knew from growing up in Taiwan that none of these would even be considered normal in Taipei. Every city or town is a bubble in itself, and I want to experience it with my own eyes.