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Bogota Cooking Class (Day 2)

At the end of the bike trip, Gerri from Texas, one of the participants of the tour, saw a flyer for a cooking class on the shop’s door. And that is how day two happened. In the morning, I hop on the Transmilenio and jump...

Each with its own stories and message. See more graffiti in the gallery at the bottom of the page.

Bogota Bike Tour (Day 1)

Bogota, the capital and largest city of Colombia, is situated 8661 ft (2640 metres) above sea level. The climate in Bogota is consistent throughout the year (around 60-70 °F during the day and 40-60 °F at night.) The water is also drinkable straight out of the faucet....

Sculpture in Cartagena

Carta what?

The city is spelled Cartagena but it’s pronounced Car-ta-hen-na. My inconsistent pronunciation in pretty much everything Spanish gives me away not only as a foreigner but one that’s so prude I can’t get my g-j-h straight. Day 1 The flight to Bogota and transfer to...