Shanghai: Restaurant Food Edition

  • IMG_6556
    Forgot what this is...
  • IMG_6555
    Combination spring roll with tofu skin
  • IMG_6554
    Steamed shrimp dumplings
  • IMG_6553
    Sesame coated...
  • IMG_6552
    Steamed pork in rice crepe
  • IMG_6436
  • IMG_6440
    Not sure...
  • IMG_6439
  • IMG_6435
  • IMG_6424
  • IMG_6425
    Live river shrimps ceviche. They were all jumping and popping when first served, hence the need for the saran wrap. PETA will not approve....
  • IMG_6431
    Sweet peas soup. So simple yet so flavorful!
  • IMG_4549
  • IMG_4548
  • IMG_4534
  • Dessert
    Called the Toad's Spit, but looks like the usual dairy foam to me...
  • IMG_4529
  • IMG_4530
  • IMG_4511
  • IMG_4509
  • IMG_4508
  • IMG_4501
  • IMG_4507
    Mushrooms wrapped in pork belly.
  • IMG_4493
  • IMG_4450
  • IMG_4446
  • IMG_4447
    Japanese izakaya grill
  • IMG_5478
    A combo meal at the mall.
  • IMG_5472
  • IMG_5467
  • IMG_5471
  • IMG_5470
  • IMG_5469
  • IMG_5468
  • IMG_5445
    Shark fin soup
  • IMG_5442
  • IMG_5432
  • IMG_5431
  • IMG_5430
  • IMG_5093
  • IMG_5092
    Savory egg custard
  • IMG_5005
  • IMG_5004
  • IMG_4995
    The feet!
  • IMG_4993
  • IMG_4994
  • IMG_4809
  • IMG_4808
    Sour cabbage and pork over rice, seaweed soup on the side.
  • IMG_4798
    Japanese izayaka
  • IMG_4789
    Fried tofu
  • IMG_4795
    Beef tongue for grilling
  • IMG_4788
  • IMG_4787
  • IMG_4786
  • IMG_4785
  • IMG_4784
  • IMG_4783
  • IMG_4782
  • IMG_4781
    Soup dumplings
  • IMG_4780
    Pork feet
  • Dessert
    Sesame soup with rice balls.
  • IMG_4769

Here it goes…it’s not necessarily the “traditional Shanghainese” because it is restaurant food after all, but delicious and authentic nonetheless!

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