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Things Not To Do in Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii…a word that encompasses many fantasies; gentle waves, warm breezy air, lush greens, coconut trees, soft sand, ocean full of fish, sea turtles jumping dolphins, and a luau in every corner. It’s what the survivors on LOST experienced minus the plane crash and creepy ghosts....

San Francisco Takeover in 3 Days

The best time to visit a city (besides having the stars, weather, flight, and everything aligned to make a trip happen), is when friends live abroad! Or in this case, across on the opposite coast. The plan Hit up the well-known spots but spend quality...

What’s the Most Popular Country In the World?

What do you look for when traveling abroad? Not other tourists I hope! Personally, I prefer to run into as little tourists as possible. Sure the amenities will be better in destination cities and tours are readily available in all shapes and sizes, but those conveniences also...

Right place, right time

Right place, right time

Driving back one night and saw constant lightnings on the horizon. No rain and didn’t feel humid. Happen to have my camera and tripod with me so I thought, why the hell not. Music: The Small Print by The String Quartet Tribute to Muse